Samuel & Mariam / NYLO Hotel Proposal

Samuel contacted me via email and asked if I was available to document his proposal to his girlfriend, Mariam. I quickly responded with a, “YES!” and we soon planned the awesome surprise. Three weeks later, I was ready and waiting atop the NYLO Hotel & Soda Bar in Dallas, Texas for Samuel to walk his […]

Ryan & Rochelle / Luscombe Farms Engagement

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ryan and Rochelle and my heart was just melting during their entire shoot. They are the sweetest couple and they snuggled up to one another and giggled the entire time I was shooting. Now, that’s a photographers dream right there!  You can see how much they adore […]

The Tran Family / Perry Homestead Museum

Seriously, the Tran family is the sweetest and most laid back family, ever!  I probably say that way too often but, they really were just so darn nice.  We had a fantastic time, with lots of laughs while exploring the grounds of the historic Perry Homestead Museum in Richardson, Texas.  Their son, Cameron was a […]